A new era in remote sensing tools, thanks to quantum.

Our mission



At Qubic, we provide information with an unprecedented level of detail to optimize critical decision making.


Correlate and filter

We unlock the quantum potential of microwave signals to produce more correlations and filter noise better, allowing us to detect weaker signals more efficiently.


Detect, image and communicate

To achieve this, we are developing a quantum microwave system based on superconducting circuits producing a maximum of correlations with a minimum of added noise. The quantum gain in sensitivity enables our customers to detect, image and communicate in situations where signals would otherwise be undetectable.

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Qubic is established in Sherbrooke, Quebec: the quantum technology hub in Canada. There, we are developing a new quantum technology of microwave transmitters and receivers for telecommunications and remote sensing applications.


Superconducting quantum circuits are microelectronic components made from materials devoid of electrical resistance. Our circuits are composed of Josephson junctions, non-linear components which allows us to manipulate the signals noiselessly. Above all, we were able to design a generator of entangled microwave signals with a level of correlation beyond the limits of our classical world. By combining higher quantum correlations with lower electronic noise levels, Qubic’s systems are able to provide a quantum advantage in performance and sensitivity.

Above all, superconducting quantum electronics allow us to develop new signal processing tools with which we can mitigate, filter and even exploit noise from its fundamental source: the quantum vacuum. It is by designing signal generators and receivers based on the laws of quantum mechanics that Qubic’s systems can extract valuable information from weak signals hidden in ambient noise more easily.


“Cutting through the noise and finding the details that make all the difference in your world.”


The use of microwave signals for reconnaissance, remote sensing and telecommunications dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, so today we have a host of mature and functional technologies. Whether for navigation, securing spaces, satellite surveys or the wireless networks that make our connected world, microwave systems are everywhere. Our solution overcomes the obstacles related to frequency crowding bands and provides a competitive advantage over conventional technologies.

Drone detection

Drones pose a growing security issue for people and spaces throughout the globe. Their small size and material composition make them difficult to detect in urban environments. When the detection sensitivity is low, you are short-sighted and at higher risk of detecting the drone too close and too late. As detection reliability decreases with distance, the risk of false alarms increases and visual confirmation from security personnel on the ground are required more often.

Covert communications

Protecting information is crucial for any organization. Encryption technologies and algorithms are then used to secure transmissions between two parties. However secure the encryption may be, the signals are still being broadcasted in plain sight and can be easily intercepted clandestinely to be decrypted later. Much of this has to do with the fact that conventional electronics can only transmit a signal that is much stronger than the surrounding noise.

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